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The Good Enough Parent

Being a parent is hard work. Especially with the advancement of technology, some parents may find it harder. Most parents will aim to achieve three objectives of parenting: health and safety of the child, helping the child grow and learn, and transferring similar cultural values. A good relationship between parent and child is essential for a child’s healthy development. However, with today’s young generation being engrossed with the latest technology, socialising, and playing outside seems to be outdated. With this, comes new behaviours and habits that parents must deal with. So, what exactly can we do to ensure we are “the good enough parent”?

If you look for information on how to be a good parent a lot of what you’ll find is techniques on how to modify your child’s behaviour. But what if it’s not them? It has been shown however, that focusing inward and developing yourself can make you a better parent. Doing this will help you become a more nurturing parent. What other elements will help?

Spending Time with your Child

Spending quality time with your child means you need to be physically and emotionally present. Providing this bonding time for your child, where neither of you are distracted by technology, will help your child develop as a person. By communicating openly with your child and doing something they enjoy they will learn from you. Therefore, learning to be more considerate and caring as well as having a positive memory.

During this quality time, it is important to talk to your child. Ask them how they are and how they’re day went. Help them work out any problems they may have going on. Learn how to play their games.

Be around them and acknowledge them completely.

Strong Role Model

Children “do as parents do, not as they say.” Being a strong role model for good behaviour is far more influential in raising children. Therefore, being aware of your manners and actions is important.

Acknowledging and apologising for your mistakes will help your child do the same. If your child is involved, tell them how you can avoid making the same mistake in the future and what you have learned from it.

This way, your child will develop more trust and respect for you.

Care for Others

As stated in the point above, your children will observe and copy you. So, it is important that your child hears just how important it is to care for others and their happiness.

Teaching your child good ethical morals will help them to do the right thing even when it is hard. It is important you show these qualities also.

Show Gratitude

People who show gratitude on a regular basis appear more kind, caring and empathetic. Showing these traits to your child will help them do the same.

Show gratitude to your child for something nice that they have done. However, is it important not to show them too much, especially for responsibilities that they are supposed to do, as this could spoil them.