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Benefits of Regular exercise

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | September 5 2019 |

A happy body is a healthy body, one way to achieve this – plenty of exercise. It’s important to make time to exercise on a regular basis, and for many this means squeezing in a workout early in the morning, during a lunch hour, or after a long day. Exercise raises your core body temperature, […]

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Psychology & Immigrating

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 14 2018 |

Immigrating to another country can teach you more about life, love and fear than any education or self-help book could. It can broaden your horizons and make you more open minded. Many are attracted to experiencing a new country, to travelling, and to learning a new language and experiencing a new culture. Living abroad has […]

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Exceptional Memory

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 9 2018 | | Tags: ,

Modern-day life involves having a memory for numbers such as dates, phone numbers, pin numbers, bank accounts etc. Unfortunately, numbers are one of the most difficult things to remember since they are purely abstract. It is easier to visualise a monkey dancing then it is to visualise the number 5834593218. A technique used to memorise […]

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Psychological Impact of Homelessness

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 7 2018 |

Homelessness is a very serious issue today, it is almost everywhere.  The effects of homelessness on homeless people is large. People are homeless for many different reasons for example poverty, unemployment and many more. Homeless people suffer high levels of stress from their lack of control over their housing situation, combined with high levels of […]

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Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | January 26 2018 | | Tags: , , ,

Generally speaking, mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. This is achieved through an awareness of and appreciation for our inner sensations and feelings, along with our experiences of the external world. While this sounds like a relatively simple task, it can be surprisingly difficult to accomplish. Often, we find that […]

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Eating Disorders

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | January 19 2018 | | Tags: , ,

It is believed that nearly 200,000 people in Ireland suffer from an eating disorder. It is estimated that 400 new cases will appear each year. Today we explain what an eating disorder is, the different types and treatment options. What is an Eating Disorder? Stereotypically, when we think about eating disorders, we imagine someone who […]

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Psychology of Old Age

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | January 15 2018 |

With massive advances in wellness and medicine, the current population enjoys a much healthier and longer lifespan. While the population over 65 is growing considerably, their lifestyle has also advanced. Older people might live independently, work into old age, and take an active role in their community. It is believed that mental health problems are […]

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Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | January 10 2018 |

We’ve all experienced the not-so pleasant effects of anxiety. The fluttery feeling in your stomach before talking in front of a group of people, the sweaty palms before an exam and the shaky voice sweaty palms and the shaky voice to name a few. These are perfectly normal biological and psychological reactions to everyday situations […]

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Sleep Disorders

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | January 5 2018 | | Tags: , ,

Just like food and water, sleep is an important physiological need—we cannot survive without it. Sleep helps maintain our mental and emotional health and helps our bodies fight illnesses and infections. On the other hand, lack of sleep can lead to hallucinations, delusions and loss of immune function. Sleep disorders range from insomnia to narcolepsy. […]

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | December 20 2017 |

For many people, having a drink is a nice way to relax at the end of a long day or is enjoyed in the company of friends. For others, drinking alcohol can be more problematic. Alcohol and/or substance abuse occurs when a person consumes these substances in such amounts or in such a way that […]

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