Imagine Health

The Importance of “Time Off”

As the summer months are fast approaching, our minds start to wander to the idea of lying by a pool in the glaring sun enjoying some well needed time off work. However, not everyone knows just how important this time off is. Some people feel guilty about taking time off even if they have earned the right to do so. People like this are at a higher risk of burnout, stress, to get sick and eventually do a disservice to your work and yourself. Holidays can have a profound impact on a person’s mental health.

Check out the reasons below if you’re still unsure about that well needed holiday!

  1. Stepping away from your desk for fifteen minutes can help your mind and brain re-energise, imagine what a few days or longer can do! Holidays have been shown to lead to significantly higher performance and productivity upon return to the job. It has also been found that people have stronger workplace morale, and greater employee retention.
  2. Leaving your work at work and not taking it home with you can be one of the hardest things to do, especially when everyone has a smartphone these days. However, if you continue to stress about it on your day off then no recovery can be done. Once you break yourself out of the habit and get a taste of freedom, you’ll want more!
  3. We’re all guilty of cancelling on plans with friends or not celebrating those important dates with your other half. Focusing your attention and working on your relationships in your life is imperative for your mental health. So instead of cancelling, take that time off and go on a holiday with friends and/or partner; celebrate those dates; and don’t be afraid to take a day off to focus on the people in your life.
  4. Taking that well needed time off will help rejuvenate and can help you gain a better perspective on life and your work as well as refocusing your goals. It may also help you refocus your mind on the hobbies you used to do or help you develop a new skill.
  5. Take more than one holiday a year! Preferably every three to four months. Research has shown that taking few short breaks away can be more beneficial for us rather than one long holiday. The benefits of holidays dissipate quick enough so regular breaks is ideal.


So, there you go, time off can make you more productive, creative, and happier! In other words, take that well deserved time off, both physically and mentally, and enjoy.