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Margo Grudzien

Margo Grudzien

Senior Clinical, Counselling, Forensic Psychologist
MSc, PGDip. Psychotraumatology, PGDip. ABA, Adv. Dip. Hypnotherapy, PGDip in Clinical Neuropsychology & Assessment

Margo Grudzien is Senior Clinical, Counselling and Forensic Psychologist, with 18 years of professional experience. She is a Chartered Psychologist with British Psychological Society (BPS), and Registered Psychologist with Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). She is a Founding Committee Member of the Special Interest Group for Psychologists in Private Practice in the PSI and holding position of its Treasurer for last 4 years. She is a Member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and Accredited Member of International Hypnosis Association, and Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

Margo provides a range of psychological services and support to individuals (across life span), who are experiencing various psychological challenges. She is conducting screening, assessment and intervention based on diagnosis and formulation of the presenting needs, with a wide use of psychometrics. She is working in partnership with a multidisciplinary team in Primary Care and in Disability Services, where she delivers psychology services to individuals in all age groups in the area of behavioural difficulties, anxiety and depression, difficulties related to intellectual and developmental disability, as well as social and interpersonal difficulties. She is providing full assessment in the areas of Intellectual disability and Autism (including ASD early assessment), psychopathology, forensic and trauma associated conditions.

In her practice Margo uses eclectic approach to Psychology and Psychotherapy combining many schools and styles, like traditional exposure therapy such Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Psychodynamic Therapy;  Schema Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); with combination of suggestive therapies, like Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness; to address issues which originate in childhood, as well as painful losses and situations which require more strength than one can bear alone. Margo also provides Memory and Attention Adaptation Training    (MAAT) for cancer and Covid-19 survivors who are experiencing “chemo brain” or ”foggy brain”.

Margo has qualified in Neuropsychology with a PGDip in Clinical Neuropsychology and Assessment.

Margo is an experienced Expert Witness in the areas of family, criminal (forensic) and private law proceedings. At her Legal Psychology Practice, Margo assesses victims of post accidents, abuse trauma, and specialises in post-traumatic stress disorder. She combines her legal psychology practice with the work in ASD/ID services and Primary Care.

The main area of Margo’s interest is psychological trauma and its impact across life span and differential diagnosis psychometric testing.