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Dr. Fiona O’Doherty

Dr. Fiona O’Doherty

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
PhD, Reg. Clin. Psychol (PSI) C.Clin. Psychol (BPS), AFBPsS

Dr Fiona O’Doherty works for Imagine Health on Corporate Wellness accounts and is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with Psychological Society of Ireland and full member of the Clinical Division of PSI. She graduated from University College Dublin in 1978 with an hons degree in Psychology.  She obtained an MA in Applied Psychology from UCD in 1979. Having worked as a Community Care Clinical Psychologist for the North Eastern Health board she was later sponsored to complete full Clinical training in Edinburgh University, (1982) M.Phil. Later she received a PhD in Psychology, title “Life Events and Addiction”, from Strathclyde University in 1988.  In 2003 she graduated with a post-grad diploma in e-learning from National College of Ireland, which she completed part time.

She has worked in a range of clinical settings. Her philosophy is that most problems we face in life can be improved by making small changes in our behaviour or in our beliefs. Those changes usually have an effect on how we feel and on how others react to us. Over many years as a Psychologist and as a university researcher, Fiona has found that it is usually the small stuff that trips us up in life.  Most of life’s problems, even complex ones, have simpler solutions. The secret is to identify the problem accurately and to find which behaviours and/or beliefs we could change, in ourselves or in others, to improve function and  feelings.

Fiona’s philosophy is that an awful lot of human problems arise out of our interactions with others and as a result of how we believe others see us. She has written in the medical press about how our past can determine the mental habits we have developed over time. But a core of her approach to human problems is the belief that  it is always possible to change or partly change those habits, usually without  a detailed focus on events in our past.  This approach has worked for many clients over many years.

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