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Assessments for the Courts and Health Agencies include:

Psychological Profiles for Trial and Sentencing, Parental Capacity, Credibility, Suggestibility, Victim Impact.
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Parental Capacity

An assessment of the risk of an adult causing Non-Accidental Harm (NAI) against children. It provides an evaluation of protective factors and offers recommendations for parental support.
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Risk Assessment for Sentencing and Trial

Documents an evaluation of personal and environmental factors which may have contributed to offending behaviour. File Reviews, Assessment of Credibility and Suggestibility, Medical Assessments for fitness to plead.
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Medico-legal Assessment for Personal Injury

A Medical and Paramedical assessment to evaluate and establish effects of personal injury on subsequent development, behaviours and emotional well-being.
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Critical Incident Assessment and Treatment

Provides Child and Adult educational, behavioural and cognitive assessment.
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Our Team
    Assistant Psychologists
  • Alannagh Kelly
    Senior Assistant Psychologist
    BSc, MSc, MBPsS
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  • Helen Tormey
    Assistant Psychologist
    BA, MSc
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Support Staff
  • Marian Groome
    Wellbeing Specialist
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  • Ciara Richardson
    Administrative Assistant
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  • Hanna Johari
    Administrative Assistant
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    • Our solicitor’s firm has engaged Dr Ian Gargan and Imagine Health to work with clients on a consistent basis over the past 15 years. The service provided is always of an exemplary nature and the professional approach ensures that the reports meet the purpose for which they are required. The rapport that is built up with clients adds significant value to the reports prepared for use in court proceedings. At all times the work is professional, insightful, caring and prompt.

      Liam Mulcahy
      Legal Executive, KOD Lyons & Co. Solicitors
    • Cahir O’Higgins and Company deal with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society. Imagine Health have been instrumental in providing support services and reports for clients affecting positive outcomes in a clinical sense but also in facilitating a judicial and courtroom understanding of some of the difficulties our clients face. To imagine I am immensely thankful to them for that.

      Cahir O'Higgins & Co.
    • Imagine Health has been such an important part of my life for the past two years. Having suffered with Depression since the age of twelve I have never felt more at ease than during the time I have spent in Imagine Health.

      Dr Ian Gargan worked closely with me on a number of different struggles but the biggest success for me over the last two years was finally admitting I had depression as this was something I was denying for so long.

      “How can you fix a problem when you don’t recognise there is one?” was what Dr Gargan would ask me.¬†Eventually, I was able to admit to having depression with the help of Imagine Health and this was the first step of my journey.

      It seems like a small step, but for me, a person who denied having anything wrong with them for ten years, this was a massive step in the right direction.

      I have never felt more comfortable walking into a practice. At Imagine Health the staff are beyond kind, friendly and respectful at all times. The whole experience is non-invasive and this for me was a massive help, as at previous clinics, practices or hospitals I never felt comfortable or at ease visiting and this would add to my anxiety and on some days make me worse.

      From the first day I met with Dr Gargan and his team, I knew this was a place I could grow as a person and really start to learn more about myself and what was causing this darkness that was hanging over me.

      Without Imagine Health I would not be where I am today and for that I am extremely grateful.

      Doug Leddin
      Private Client
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