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Our Team
  • Dr. Ian Gargan
    Clinical Director
    Clinical Director, BSc, MSc, MB BCh BAO, MBA, Reg Psychol AFPsSI (PsSI), CPsychol AFBPsS (BPS), Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, School of Medicine
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  • Dr. Dolores Glancy
    Clinical Manager / Senior Psychologist
    BA, MSc, DCounsPsychol, Reg Psychol PsSI (PSI), CPsychol AFBPsS (BPS), Accredited CBT Therapist (BABCP)
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  • Dr. Fiona O’Doherty
    Consultant Clinical Psychologist
    PhD, Reg. Clin. Psychol (PSI) C.Clin. Psychol (BPS), AFBPsS
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  • Niamh Kennedy
    Forensic Psychologist
    BA, M Soc Sci, M Sc CPsychol, AFBPsS (BPS), Accredited Schema Therapist (ISST)
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  • Richard Boyle
    MIICHP, BA (Mod)
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Support Staff
  • Aisling Donnelly
    Operations & Account Manager
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  • Sherwyn Padilla
    Clinical Administrative Assistant
    BA Psy, BSN-RN, BSc IN
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    The Motivational Trap

    The Motivational Trap Motivation is simply the desire to do things. It is the difference between getting up in the morning and staying in bed all day. We are...
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    Has the Meaning of Friendship Changed

    “I have 564 friends.” Such a bold statement would probably have been viewed as ludicrous 20 years ago. Nowadays, however, this statement would not seem all that strange. In...
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    Memory Distortions

      We rely on memories to function throughout our daily lives. We need to remember where we left the car keys, our list of objectives for the work week...