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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | November 18 2016 | | Tags: , , ,

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and can come in many different forms. It may be that two employees don’t get on; workplace teams rival against each other; or an employee might have a grievance issue with a manager. So how can you manage this conflict? To prevent the conflict issue from getting worse, it […]

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Types of Therapy: Solution-Focused

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Tess O'Leary | November 15 2016 | | Tags: ,

Developed in the late 1970s, Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) involves focusing on solution-building rather than problem-solving. It is future-focused, goal-directed and has been shown to be effective in a variety of settings. Central to the SFT therapy session is helping the client to develop and achieve their own vision of solutions to their problems. A […]

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Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | November 8 2016 | | Tags: , , ,
Emotional Abuse

Everyone has arguments or disagrees with their partner from time to time. However, if these disagreements begin to form a consistent pattern in your life, then it may be a sign of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse (also known as psychological abuse/violence) is often characterised by a person exposing another person to behaviour that may result […]

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How sugar affects our mental health

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | November 4 2016 | | Tags: , , ,

With Halloween just behind us and Christmas on the way, many of us will find ourselves tempted by sugary treats. We all know that restricting our sugar intake is good for physical health, but what about mental health? Here, we take a look at the effects it has on your brain and the consequences for […]

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Types of Therapy: CBT

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Tess O'Leary | November 1 2016 | | Tags: , ,

Therapy involves meeting with a therapist to resolve a range of issues that might include problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings or relationship issues. This involves collaborative treatment in a supportive environment between a person or group and a neutral, non-judgmental and qualified mental health professional. This professional might be a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist. There are […]

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Halloween – Unveiling Your Personal Masks

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Tess O'Leary | October 28 2016 | | Tags:
Personal Masks

Halloween is upon us! It’s a fun time to dress up as someone else and wear a mask to be a different person. However, for some people, it can often feel as though they are wearing personal masks in their everyday lives; their professional masks in work, their social masks with their friends and loved […]

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Healthy Technology Use for Better Sleep

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | October 25 2016 | | Tags: , ,
Technology at Bedtime

Technology such as mobile phones and tablets have become indispensable tools in the way we live our lives. They help us to work efficiently, to stay in touch with friends and family and to keep up to date on the world around us.  For many of us, they are within reach at all times, including […]

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Psychological Impact of Excessive Exercising

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | October 21 2016 | | Tags: , ,
Runner in Chicago by Kyle Cassidy

For some of us, it may be hard to find the time to fit in our daily exercise regimen. However, there are some people that find time to exercise no matter what. Although exercise has many benefits, there can be some downfalls associated to excessive exercising. It’s important to make sure you know your limit […]

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Noticing and Preventing Cyber-bullying

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Nicola Keane | October 19 2016 | | Tags: ,

Technology has become a big part of everyday life for most people. It has shown great benefits for the world, however often with great benefits come great downfalls. With an increasing number of people on social networking sites, the rate of cyber-bullying has also increased. ‘Cyber-bullying’ is when someone is harassed, threatened or humiliated by […]

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Food – Therapeutic Benefits of Cooking


Cooking is a basic skill for daily life and can provide many therapeutic benefits. These include stress relief, the ability to plan and organise, enhanced self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Culinary therapy is now a form of therapeutic intervention at various mental health clinics. It is a form of treatment for a wide range […]

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