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Has the Meaning of Friendship Changed

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Rebekka Johnston | October 12 2017 | | Tags: , ,
Young Women Social Media

“I have 564 friends.” Such a bold statement would probably have been viewed as ludicrous 20 years ago. Nowadays, however, this statement would not seem all that strange. In the age of the internet, we can access an endless stream of resources at the touch of a button. In an instant, we are exposed to […]

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The Psychology of Forgiveness


The Psychology of Forgiveness Do we really forgive and forget? This old saying is not beneficial in real life as our brains find it hard to forget upsetting events. In life, there are undoubtedly some wrongs that will not be forgotten. These wrongs should be remembered to ensure that we do not endure the same […]

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Benefits of Music on Health

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Rebekka Johnston | October 6 2017 | | Tags: ,

For a lot of people, music is an essential part of their daily life. Some depend on it to get them through the morning commute, help them wind down after a busy day or to help them stay motivated during their workout. Therefore, music, depending on the song, can alter our emotions. Have you ever […]

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Memory Distortions

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Rebekka Johnston | October 4 2017 | | Tags: , , ,

  We rely on memories to function throughout our daily lives. We need to remember where we left the car keys, our list of objectives for the work week and to catch up with that friend for coffee. However, our memories are also integral to who we are. We remember what happened in our childhood […]

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The Psychology of First Impressions

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Shane McSweeney | October 3 2017 | | Tags: , , ,

First impressions are important, you only make one of them! As humans, we make judgements on other people quickly. A study from Princeton University has found that people make judgements on attractiveness, likability and trustworthiness within a fraction of a second after seeing someone. Even if presented with lots of opposing evidence, we tend to […]

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Importance of Resilience

Stress | Posted by Rebekka Johnston | September 29 2017 | | Tags: , , ,

Life is unexpected, scary and involves traumatic events at times. These traumatic experiences can include the passing of a loved one, loss of employment, serious illness, as well as other stressful upsetting events. Individuals deal with traumatic experiences differently. Over time many will learn to adapt well to life changing and traumatic experiences. This is […]

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Sunlight’s Effect on Mental Health

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | September 27 2017 |

Sun worshippers are aware of the negative implications that the sun can have on the body. From sunburn to wrinkles and in severe cases, skin cancer. However, sunlight is beneficial and healthy for our bodies. It provides us with Vitamin D which is good for our bones, teeth, immune system, and mental health. Many of […]

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What is intelligence?

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Shane McSweeney | September 26 2017 | | Tags: , , , , ,

Intelligence, and what it means to be ‘intelligent’, is a tricky concept to define. It may be the ability to solve math problems, understanding how to move in the space around us effectively or understanding how other people think and feel. Everyone seems to hold their own view of what intelligence is. Current understanding seems to […]

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Switch it Off and Take a Break from Technology

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Rebekka Johnston | September 22 2017 | | Tags: , , , ,

Technology has become an important part of our lives, and why not!? It is amazing what we can do on our smartphones. We use them to communicate to different people across the world, to answer those niggling questions, find out directions as well as influencing the way we shop, exercise, and entertain ourselves. However, it’s […]

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Supporting someone with mental health difficulties

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | September 20 2017 |

It can be extremely difficult to see someone we know and care about suffering due to mental health difficulties. We can often feel powerless to help them because we may not understand what is going on or know what we should do or say.If you suspect that someone you know may have a mental health […]

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