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Children Experiencing Anxiety During COVID-19

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | May 14 2020 |

For a few months now we have been in a restricted state of living due to the pandemic that is COVID-19. These restrictions may be causing an array of different emotions for people. However, it is not just adults who are experiencing this. Children have also been drastically affected. Children’s daily routine of going to […]

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Online and Video Therapy

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | April 1 2020 |
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In line with the recent Government advice regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the people of Ireland have been asked to restrict their movements to help stop the spread of the virus. In such extraordinary circumstances, it is important to look at the possible consequences that these measures may have on mental health and what support we can […]

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Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | March 27 2020 |

As more restrictions are put in place to help combat and slow down COVID-19, most people are working from home and trying to stay inside. As a result, people may be feeling higher stress and anxiety levels, as well as BOREDOM!  With more time on our hands, it is the perfect opportunity to learn a […]

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Health Anxiety and COVID-19

Uncategorized | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | March 18 2020 |
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As the novel coronavirus grows on a global scale, it is no surprise that worry, and panic is also on the rise. For the general population, anxiety levels rise when a threat is unpredictable and uncertain, e.g. COVID-19. The constant stream of media attention which this particular threat has received and continues to receive, has […]

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Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 27 2020 |

Confidence can be defined as the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Self-confidence requires a person to place trust in their own abilities, qualities and judgements. People form their beliefs about themselves over a long period of time and this process is likely affected by a […]

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Managing Exam Stress & Your Well-being

stress | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | October 25 2019 |
Books and studying

As humans, stress is a natural and healthy feeling that everyone will feel at some point in their life. Whether we’re stressed over something tiny or something huge, we will still feel stressed out. Anxiety and stress can show itself in many different ways which will change depending on the person. Some people may show […]

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Benefits of Regular exercise

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | September 5 2019 |

A happy body is a healthy body, one way to achieve this – plenty of exercise. It’s important to make time to exercise on a regular basis, and for many this means squeezing in a workout early in the morning, during a lunch hour, or after a long day. Exercise raises your core body temperature, […]

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Psychology & Immigrating

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 14 2018 |
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Immigrating to another country can teach you more about life, love and fear than any education or self-help book could. It can broaden your horizons and make you more open minded. Many are attracted to experiencing a new country, to travelling, and to learning a new language and experiencing a new culture. Living abroad has […]

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Exceptional Memory

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 9 2018 | | Tags: ,

Modern-day life involves having a memory for numbers such as dates, phone numbers, pin numbers, bank accounts etc. Unfortunately, numbers are one of the most difficult things to remember since they are purely abstract. It is easier to visualise a monkey dancing then it is to visualise the number 5834593218. A technique used to memorise […]

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Psychological Impact of Homelessness

Everyday Psychology | Posted by Alannagh Kelly | February 7 2018 |

Homelessness is a very serious issue today, it is almost everywhere.  The effects of homelessness on homeless people is large. People are homeless for many different reasons for example poverty, unemployment and many more. Homeless people suffer high levels of stress from their lack of control over their housing situation, combined with high levels of […]

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